A Soul on a Journey


 Now available! "Coffeecake Chaos" ---My contribution for the Food & Love anthology. Six food-themed stories with RECIPES! Check out Avianna's  menu under Recipes!

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Newest release! Romantic comedy novella "It Happened at the Park".

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UPON THE TIDE had been nominated for the Ravens Award! While it did not win its category, it was inspiring to be nominated.

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Congratulations to Brittany who won the Goodreads giveaway. More coming up aoon.

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BESIDE STILL WATERS earned a 4star review in July with Uncaged Book Reviews.

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I released my first self-publshed book through Kindle Direct. Check it out under Books tab.

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I have signed a contract with Soul Mate to release another Christian romance in November 2017 called "Rainbows in the Moonlight". Look for  a sneak peek under Blog tab. Also check for a sneak peek of my most current work-in-progress, a time travel.

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Still to come:  Two more books in  2017!





Welcome to my website. Thank you for a few moments of your time. Please use the buttons above to move around. There are handy links to take you to my blog--a fascinating place onto itself-- and to overviews of my books or odd bits and pieces you  might like.

As  the tag line says, I am a Soul on a Journey. A friend said that once to me, and it truly resonated. When it came time to create this website that seemed like the perfect motto.

I write fiction, twisting romance with assorted bits like Christian, time travel, shape shifting, mystery, and paranormal--blending any number of those ingredients into a story. Christian and time travel are my favorites--to read and to write. I also like scribbling poetry and short stories on any number of topics. My first romance novel came out in 2012 and since then I have no desire to slow down! 

So have a look, click the links and if you are so inclined, send me a note from the contact page.

                                          Again, thank you for stopping in!