A Soul on a Journey


Wow, this fall has been crazy busy for me. I am almost ready to release "Wild Whispers" through Melange Books. Final edits are done. This is a mystical romantic suspense novel.

Second round edits are in the works for Christian romance novel, "Rainbows in the Moonlight", releasing soon with Soul Mate Books. Pre-order should be available around Thanksgiving. (Very timely as the story involves forgiveness, second chances, and many elements we should consider at this time of year)

AND the contract is signed with Limitless Publishing for "Crazy Woman Creek" to be part of their Craving: Country anthology. It releases Jan 2018.

* * *

I released my first self-published book through Kindle Direct this year. This is a touching story about the first two years with my adopted collie, Ty, and his challenges through PTSD from his hoarding history. Check it out under Books tab.

"Ty's Journey"

A portion of each sale is donated to Collie Rescue of the Carolina's. 

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Welcome to my website. Thank you for a few moments of your time. Please use the buttons above to move around. There are handy links to take you to my blog--a fascinating place onto itself-- and to overviews of my books or odd bits and pieces you  might like.

As  the tag line says, I am a Soul on a Journey. A friend said that once to me, and it truly resonated. When it came time to create this website that seemed like the perfect motto.

I write fiction, twisting romance with assorted bits like Christian, time travel, shape shifting, mystery, and paranormal--blending any number of those ingredients into a story. Christian and time travel are my favorites--to read and to write. I also like scribbling poetry and short stories on any number of topics. My first romance novel came out in 2012 and since then I have no desire to slow down! 

So have a look, click the links, and if you are so inclined, send me a note from the contact page.

                                          Again, thank you for stopping in!