Back when I had short hair.

Coming this fall, a new look to the welcome page of this website!

I am so excited to share the 4 1/2 star review "Wild Whispers" earned in the May edition of InD'tale Magazine. It also got the Crown of Merit! Please see the Books tab for the link to read this incredibly awesome and humbling review for yourself.  In celebration, and appreciation, Melange Books, is offering this book for 2.99 across all platforms for the month of June. That's Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook and Smashwords.

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My Southern Christian romance novel, "Rainbows in the Moonlight", took a 3 1/2 star review from May InD'tale as well. I am thrilled with this emotional story about second chances. To celebrate, I am partnering with The Romance Reviews for the Sizzle Summer Beach Party. My day is June 22, in which I ask a question that the answer can be found here on my website. Enter the answer at The Romance Reviews (must be registered so they can track points) and win loads of prizes. Play for different books and prizes from other authors every day:

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Soul Mate is running a special on the perfect BEACH READ. Upon the Tide will be free for download on June 21-23.

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Lastly, I have been accepted by the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. This should open up some great opportunities for me this year. Stay tuned as I learn what all it's going to mean. Right now, I'm still blushing and giggling over the honor.


Life is a sacred journey. It's about change, growth, discovery, stretching your soul & taking risks with every step.

You are on the path where you are meant to be, shaping your life story into a tale of strength, courage, and love.








A Soul on a Journey


Welcome to my website. Thank you for a few moments of your time. Please use the buttons above to move around. There are handy links to take you to my blog--a fascinating place onto itself-- and to overviews of my books or odd bits and pieces you  might like.

As  the tag line says, I am a Soul on a Journey. A friend said that once to me, and it truly resonated. When it came time to create this website that seemed like the perfect motto.

I write fiction, twisting romance with assorted bits like Christian, time travel, shape shifting, mystery, and paranormal--blending any number of those ingredients into a story. Christian and time travel are my favorites--to read and to write. I also like scribbling poetry and short stories on any number of topics. My first romance novel came out in 2012 and since then I have no desire to slow down! 

So have a look, click the links, and if you are so inclined, send me a note from the contact page.

                                          Again, thank you for stopping in!