Colors of the Rain 

Rain  comes to us in  a rainbow long before the graceful arch in the sky, its colors of the seasons come to us drop by drop, over the years, by and by.

A spring rain is green, yellow and pink. Bright fresh and pastel, new and subtle, ever changing.

A summer rain is red and purple and blue. Bolder, thundering and moody, slowly bursting like firecrackers.

An autumn rain is orange, brown and butterscotch bits. Softer, more playful than daring. Mischievous but honest with her song.

A winter rain is white and gray and black. Quiet, cold with her lacy breath. She wears a masquerade mask.

Now the circle is complete. A dozen colors for our 12 months. So next time you hear a patter or a storm, remember it's Nature's gift we can trust. The seasons, the colors and the noise, each one ours to enjoy.

The Electrician Blues

I needed the services of an electrician manjust a simple breaker, not a big deal.

He came referred, I never suspected a scam,

Two months later I can't believe this is real.

Job assessed, payment due, here's where my story turns blue:

He needed the 45 in cash, said he was terribly low on gas.

Being kind of a fool, I paid a twenty dollar bill

And wrote the balance of forty-five in a check.

Next day I learned my electric man had taken the fill

Right away my fingers sent an over-payment text.

Oops, what a mistake, he'll send the twenty refund and not be late.

But it was just the start, endless excuses from one with no heart.

Now it's been over two months and not a penny seen

of a refund made in honest error, just plenty of excuses and lies.

So warning's been sent and I don't don't to be mean,

But it's only fair to mention, Mr. Electric Man, Karma never dies.

When I first looked into your blue eyes I prepared myself, braced to hear all the lies.

Years of past experiences had taught

blue eyed men to trust, I should not.

Yet you patiently spent some time,

and never once told me a line.

Surprise, you became my blue eyed friend.

We had our high and we had our lows

and in my heart a spot for you still glows
For you became my blue eyed friend.

Memories, full of good and some bad, of a friendship so strange

Years behind is now, rich in ways I never wish to change.

And now you'll be leaving, going away, moving on

right or wrong I'll always love you, like the song

I wish you the best and I wish you well,

I wish you freedom wherever you may dwell.

I hope I cross your  mind from time to time

I hope you find it was worth the climb.

Always carry my love into battle, I pray you one day will win,

And perhaps you wonder, like I do sometimes, what might have been, if it had been only just you who was my blue eyed friend.

 Calm the storm, calm the seas

A savior, a Lord, so perfect and true,

who comes just to ransom me

Come, Lord Jesus! Eagerly I wait for Thee.

Mighty in word, mighty in deed

A Savior comes just for me

Upon the cloud, upon the air

come and He will judge

all both quick and fair.

Alpha and Omega,

beginning and end

for a love so true,

The Father His only Son to send

A creator so loving and merciful,

A Savior His self to offer up,

Trio-Father, Son and Holy Ghost

salvation to all to take their cup

Through reconciliation we can identify,

now we are sent to testify.