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Romantic Mystery

"Blue Moon and Starry Nights", is a nostalgic walk down those sultry summer nights along the boardwalk, around an ice cream theme.

The "Winds of Destiny" Series

    by The Wild Rose Press

NY Fashion designer Piper just met the hunk of her dreams. Except they are too busy running for their lives across the Caribbean Sea.Thrilling adventure and chilling romance when paradise turns deadly.

Koda needs a nanny for her children. Dalton needs a fresh start. They are both about to find they need each other. An uplifting Southern Christian story about forgiveness, second chances, and love. Featuring really fun kids.

4 Star review from Night Owl Reviews  June 2016

SoulMate Publishing's Christmas Anthology 'Tamed By Christmas' Part of the Eight sexy  Christmas tales.  Will Shane be able to tame the wild and willful Paige in time for Christmas? Or lose her forever?

4.5 Star review  & Crown of Excellence from InD'tale Magazine 7/2015

Kasey is determined not to let MS control her life. She is happy with her family, her pets and running her bookstore. Until musician Ben comes to town. He proves Kasey also has a heart, and he wants it. But will he still want her when he sees the reality of her diagnosis? A sweet romance novella.

Civil War outlaw hanged in 1869, found alive in 2014. Scientists want him. One saves him. Now they run, hunted, trying to stay alive and finding love in the most unusual place.  Christian Time Travel Romance 

Awarded the 5-Star TOP PICK by Night Owl Reviews!  February 2016

Contributions to The Gold Coast Retriever series with Sweet Promise Press, called "Convincing Clairianna", coming in 2020 and "Watching Waverly" later 21-22.

Contemporary, And...

Released beginning September 2019, The Sweethearts of Country Music, is a new series offered through Sweet Promises Press that follows six members of an all-girl country music band based in Nashville, TN. and how they managed families, careers and find love. My contribution to this series is book # 5, called "Cinnamon's Courageous Heart".

Part of the Food & Love Anthology Collection. Avianne and Sawyer were once young lovers. Now she's a caterer hired to service his engagement party. Sparks are rekindled as they come together once more. 

Coming Soon-- A New Series

Darby has the perfect life, until a guest is killed at her Bed & Breakfast and she's the top suspect. P.I. Sam is hired to get the goods on her, enough to send her away for life. Then strange and scary things start happening. And a surprising attraction forms between them. Then Sam must rethink his opinions. Romantic Mystery with a bone-- chilling conclusion.

2018 Finalist * Nominee.

InD'tale Review Jan


It Happened at the Park-- A rollicking comedy tale of polar opposites finding romance in the most unlikely place. Cassidy Grant is all business, then she inherits her sister's beloved dogs. She is not a dog mom. Ethan Sheppard is a dog man.

"Magic in the Snow" is a sweet story of find love when and where you least expect it written around the festivites of Christmastime.

Yes, this is really Ty on the cover.

Twelve story volume!

Inspirational Christian novel . Journalist McKayla Buchanan had it all: successful career, great guy, and a perfect life. Then she met Clay Michaels and the deliquents at his at-risk mountain camp. There, she learned the most precious thing she was missing---love. Stirring saga of trust and love between a worldly woman and an earthy man.

In the Works!

Self-Published by Author

Peer reviews include InD'tale Magazine, Night Owl Reviews, Books Uncaged. and The Romance Reviews.

Non-fiction story chronicaling the first two years' journey with my adopted collie, how he worked to overcome his horrible beginnings, and the lessons he shared on trust, life, and love along the way.

  2.5 stars from    InD'tale 2016

Inspirational Romance

Set against the exciting backdrop in the chase for the Triple Crown and filled with mystical surprises. Season is not a witch, but she can make a horse run and Ty's heart race.


"Peeling Onions" is a short story I originally wrote for the Carnival of Strange Things anthology with Limitless Publishing. I have recently been advised it will be released apart from the anthology with a  new project still under production. Can't wait to see it!

13- story volume!

Ivey London who lost her military husband, tried to move on with their son, her Alzheimer's mother, and a boss attracted to her. She finds him alive and amnesiac five years later. Armed with inexpiable abilities, he is pursued by a forceful group determined to reclaim him. Ivey is just as determined to keep her late husband.  Together, they uncover what happened to him, who is after him, and search for how to reclaim what they once were--husband and wife.

And another new series I'm working on called "Blueberry Ranch Bliss" and features a strong cast of women who run an equine therapy ranch for injured vets. Each special lady meets the love of her life in each new story. Up first, Ryleigh meets her match in the amnesiac Michael in "Damaged Hero"!

Update: The project didn't materialize, so the rights have been returned back to me and I will re=write this as a full-length book when time allows. 

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​Series or part of  a series

Check out the "Excerpts" tab for the Song "When Karma Comes Calling for You" that I wrote for this book.

Part of the Craving: Country anthology collection from Limitless Publishing. "Crazy Woman Creek" features a Native American legend, a humble rancher, his young daughter, and the amnesiac woman he finds....Faith

Raven is a woman in hiding, far away in isolation. Until Sebastian comes to take photos. Determined treasure hunters also arrive. A nor'easterner storm traps them all at Raven's lighthouse home .Part treasure hunt, part ghost story, part paranormal, part mystery and all romance

2018 Nominee

contemporary romance

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Shorter Stories/ Novellas

Craving Forbidden is now available. 13 stories in 1 volume all based on the one love we are forbidden to have. My contribution is called "Crossing Jordon".

One man wouldn't let Jordan go...

One could not have her....

Someone was going to get burned....

"River's Journey"-- Book 1-- currently in edits--nearly done

"Storm's Warning" -- Book 2-- currently in self-edits. Almost ready for edit rounds. Both waiting for covers.

"Raine's Promise" -- Book 3 -- awaiting edits to begin and cover form

"Winter's Wish" -- Book 4 -- currently in writing stage...plugging away

"Autumn's Fall" and "Summer's Surprise" -- Books 5 & 6-- currently in planning stages

2017 Nominee