June 8th I adopted a new pet. Driving home from work, at 2 am Friday morning) I spotted a white blur in my headlights. I was sure I hit whatever it was. I parked on the shoulder and ran back to see what happened. A tiny kitten sat crying on the white line of the expressway. There was no sign of mama or siblings. I scooped him up, took him home, and gave him a bath and food. He got vet checked the next day and estimated to be about a month old. Stay tuned for adorable photos of Colin Kade!

(hint-- Avery Faith is no longer the baby)

I have really neglected my blog this year. It has flown by and I have been so busy! I do have plans to return to blogging routinely over the winter, and bring back such features as "I've been thinking..." and book reviews and escapades of my home and pet life. 

Colin, nearly six months old.

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Hard to believe Avery Faith is now five years old, hardly the kitten shown in the photo. She is still my muse, though, and active in every writing process.

My family has grown too. Pictured are Brecca and Sage, two Lionhead bunnies I adopted in October 2017 as a birthday present to myself. .